We are a research group in the Mechanical Engineering department at Caltech, led by Professor Austin Minnich. Our lab's research focus is on understanding and engineering nanoscale heat transport for applications in the energy field like thermoelectric waste heat recovery. We use a variety of experimental and theoretical techniques to investigate nanoscale transport processes, with a particular emphasis on ultrafast optical techniques. We invite you to look at the website for more details about our work and facilities.


Congrats to Zoila for successfully passing her MCE Qualifying Exam! September 23, 2016

Congrats to Navaneeth for successfully defending his PhD thesis! August 15, 2016

Ding and Taeyong publish their work on active thermal extraction and temperature sensing of near-field thermal radiationin Scientific Reports. August 10, 2016

Chengyun receives Centennial Prize for Best Thesis in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Caltech. Congrats, Chengyun! May 25, 2016

Congrats to Jaeyun for passing his PhD Candidacy exam! May 25, 2016

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imagePaper published in Scientific Reports

We report a generalized analysis of our scheme for active thermal extraction of surface phonon polaritons using the theoretical framework of laser cooling of solids. August 10, 2016

imagePaper published in Nano Letters

We report the first quantitative measurements of c-axis phonon MFP spectra in graphite at a variety of temperatures using time-domain thermoreflectance measurements of graphite flakes with variable thickness. February 3, 2016